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Custom Development & Systems Migration

Avexta can Rebuild your existing system

Legacy systems are our specialty. We know how much time and effort has gone into building your existing system, and how integrated your currently are. Our services provide you with the ability to rebuild or integrate updated modules with your legacy system

Avexta Agile Development:

  • Listening to your pain points and system
  • Plan the custom system migration and development cycle
  • Solve your problems by attacking your pain points
  • Constant communication between Avexta and your teams

Consult with us so we can become a partner for your software needs.

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Avexta can migrate to a more robust framework

We don't just build you a system and call it a day. At Avexta we want to become your partner for software solutions and address your needs efficiently. Your cost savings are what we thrive for and can provide you detailed benefits in system development. We want to show you how much you can save over the long run in time and effort.

Avexta Accounts for Security and Business Continuation Plans

Avexta has a strong focus on cybersecurity and business continuity. We develop systems and integrate security into our software development life cycle. We outline recovery time objectives with you to plan for disaster. Whether you are self hosted or in the cloud, we provide you with the resources necessary to survive outages and be up and running quickly.

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